Your Personal Binding

Your Personal Book…

We offer a limited edition printing and binding service. We make all different types of personal binding all year round. As you can see above these consist of recipe books, repair your favourite book, create a new binding, guest books. portfolios, bespoke leather journals, fine leather bindings.

All our personal bindings are made to order. These can be any shape or size. You can even use your own material for the cover (ring us for advice).

Choose Your Materials…

Buckram Cloth

Linen Cloth




Compound Leather



Our leathers range from Book calf and Antique leathers used for repair work to speciality leathers such as, Nigerian and Indian Goat skins, Grade 1 Calf skins and Sheep leathers which we use throughout all of our work. We source our leathers from  Hewitt’s (UK) and Franz Hoffmann (Germany)


Handmade Papers

We also stock decoratively printed and hand-made papers from Germany, England and Italy . All of our special papers may be used for endpapers, special inserts with embossed dedications or in the covering of books and boxes. These papers are used with our leathers and cloths.

Petal and Leaf

These are from Nepal and India, are delicate handmade papers into which real petals and leaves have been embedded.





Each sheet of hand-marbled paper is unique. Water-based inks are floated on a size made from Carragheen moss and the pattern carefully combed. A sheet of paper is then laid on the size and the pattern is picked up. When the paper has been rinsed and dried, it is pressed. By this method a fine line and clarity can be achieved which is not possible by other methods. With care and skill a good match can be made giving uniformity whilst still retaining the individuality of each sheet.

We use hand-marbled papers from Jemma Lewis Marbling, England, and Marbled Arts, Italy.



These are handmade Japanese papers. These contain modern repeat patterns.


Printing & Binding


  • Margins should be minimum of 2 cm on the binding side
  • Double sided printing (All thesis are printed single sided unless specified) – Organise margins so the 2 cm is always on the side of binding (left on first side and right on the other side of page)
  •  We only Print from a PDF file – no word docs will be accepted – For converting your file to a PDF you can use CutePDF Writer.
  • All our printing is on good quality white 90 gsm paper – we also have white/cream 100 gsm paper must specify (0.02c extra)
  • Crop marks only need to contain these on the first page
  •  We do not format any of the documents we receive.


  • We can binding up to up to 500 pages (6.5cm width).
  • Any size up to A1 – all our bindings are custom
  • Glue bound, ring bound (up to 80 pages) and lumbeck (extra thick)


We use traditional typesetting methods to emboss all of our books. As well as gold embossing we use various coloured foils. We also have facilities to emboss corporate logos and bespoke designs.

  • We have a selection of fronts to choose  Times Roman, Kent, York, Fournier.
  • If you would like a logo embossed. We order our blocks from Graphic Arts, Dublin (ring to organise specifications)


  • We have a variety of coloured foils – pink, red, grey, blue, silver, gold, black, white, orange, yellow and black