Practising the age old craft of hand bookbinding

At Barbara Hubert Bookbinding we enjoy practising the age-old craft of hand bookbinding. I have always had a love of books and enjoyed reading them, so it was a small step to want to “make” them. I learned the trade by doing an apprenticeship in Darmstadt, Germany.

From early on I was fascinated by the sheer endless versatility of materials such as leather and paper. Now I employ traditional techniques to make books and related objects in classic and contemporary styles. It is very satisfying to give a text a sound structure and to make the cover tactile and visually pleasing. A well-bound book should be a pleasure to handle and enhance the joy of reading and writing.

Established in 1995, Barbara Hubert Hand Bookbindery is run by Barbara Hubert and her dedicated staff.

All of our binding work is carried out by hand, with an acute attention to detail and a durable finish thus ensuring that our products have a distinctive look. Our Clients include Institutions, Universities, Art Colleges, Photographers, Book Dealers as well as Bibliophiles and the General Public.

We supply a number of craft shops in Ireland with our hand-made stationery.

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