Thesis FAQ’s

Most Common Questions asked by Thesis Students

We know that this can be a stressful time for many people, so please feel free to contact us if your queries are not covered here

What format does my thesis need to be in for printing?

We need all printing jobs to be saved as .PDF files.
This type of file will insure that the layout of your thesis remains the same no matter what computer it’s being viewed on.
If possible please bring as few individual files as you can. To combine multiple PDFs and create one document, PDF Binder is free and very user friendly. It can be downloaded here and instructions for use can be found here.

How can I convert my word document to a .pdf?

  • Word 2010 users can create a .pdf by clicking on the “Save As” and then click on .pdf.
  • If you’re using Word 2007 or later, please see this page for assistance in converting your file.
  • Mac users, you won’t need any additional software and should see this page.
  • “CutePDF” will convert most file types to .PDF, for directions on using CutePDF please visit this link.
  • When using Microsoft Office 2007, you can download this Add-on from Microsoft. When installed you can simply click file>save as and you’ll have the option to saves your document as PDF. NOTE: Please ensure that your document is in .docx format before you do this – Office 2007 files that have been saved in the compatability mode i.e. Word 97 to 2003(.doc) do not convert correctly to PDF.
  • When using Microsoft Office 2010, simply click file>save as PDF. No Add-ons are needed. NOTE: Please ensure that your document is in .docx format before you do this – Office 2010 files that have been saved in the compatability mode i.e. Word 97 to 2003(.doc) do not convert correctly to PDF.

Can I email you my Thesis?

Yes, send the .pdf file and your completed order form to
We will reply via email when we have received your completed order.

Should I leave a margin?

A margin of no less than 25 mm / 1 inch should be left around all edges.

Can I print Double sided?

Yes. However we print all of our thesis as a single sided document. So, please specify if you require double sided.

How long does my thesis take to bind?

We usually require 24 hours to complete your thesis. However, we do offer a Fastbind service for emergencies (€10 additional charge) this can be done in 3hrs* but please check with us during busy periods to ensure this service is available.

*please be aware if we receive your thesis after 3.30 pm and requires collection for the following morning, this also counts as an express bind.

If I print my own thesis, can you bind it for me?

Of course, You will need to bring it into us. We highly recommend that you use 90 to 100 gsm paper. You can click onto our map for directions.

How many pages can you bind?

An average of under 200pages or 2.5cm can be glued as normal under our library standard and Fastbind offer. If the amount of pages exceeds this( above 2.5cm) we can fan glue your thesis.

Do you offer a softbinding service?

Yes, we offer wirebinding and glue softbinding, both available with an acetate cover and card backing or with an embossed front cover.

What type of printer do you have?

We have a digital printer OKI ES8430

What materials / colours do you use for the covers

We have two options available for thesis binding. We offer a library standard Buckram material that is available in a wide range of colours. We also offer a PVC coated paper that is only available in black.
Please make sure you are following any college specifications.

I have my own fabric I want to use to cover the thesis, can I use it?

Perhaps. In store we work with a wide range of fabrics (linens, silks) and leathers, please drop in/ give us a call and we can certainly discuss this option with you.

Can you emboss the University logo?

We can emboss the Cork Institute of Technology and the University College of Cork logo on hardbound copies only (€2 additional charge per thesis).

What weight / colour paper do you use?

We stock 90gsm and 100gsm. We would use 90gsm unless you specify differently.
Our theses are printed on white paper. We also have cream paper available for specific projects.

There are A3 pages in my final thesis, is this a problem?

No, as long as you make sure to have the pages folded back neatly into your thesis and at least 25 mm / 1 inch away from the long right edge. We usually trim our thesis for presentation ( about 3mm all round), so as long as your pages are folded in correctly it shouldn’t be a problem.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards except American Express.

We can also accept Purchase Orders once you have arranged the details with your college.

Do you deliver?

Yes we can. We provide a nationwide 72 hour service. We also can ship internationally if required.
For your peace of mind we advise you to collect in person if possible.

Are you open on Saturdays?

Yes, we open Saturdays 10am until 2pm.

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