Handmade Black Lava Writing Set


Luxury Writing Set, comprises of a custom made storage box using our gorgeous black lava  hand marble paper which holds 40 sheets & 20 envelopes of fine cream Rivoli paper

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Each sheet of marbled paper is hand marbled one by one in Florence. Different colours are sprinkled onto a liquid bath made of a jelly extracted from seaweed, allowing the colours to remain floating on the surface without mixing. Patterns are created by using special combs, stylus or rakes in classic patterns such as the fan-tailed pattern and the marble veins pattern. The pattern is transferred by carefully laying the paper on the surface of the liquid.
This whole process is repeated for every print — each will be slightly different and each pattern is unique. – Marbled Arts

Also available in Silver Snow, Rainbow Swirl, Rolling Gold, Green Garden, Black Lava, Grey Flower, Gold Flower, Aqua Sunrise and Golden Fan