Handmade Silver Snow Writing Set


This Handmade stationery box made with an elegant  Chiyogami paper and linen contains 40 sheets & 20 envelopes in fine cream Rivoli paper.


23cm x 17cm x 4cm

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Chiyogami Silver Snow Paper

This traditional Japanese paper with its bright colours was originally used for folding small paper objects like dolls or boxes. Every single sheet is a work-intensive hand silk-screen print on white Kozu paper, a typical unprinted frame remains. The enormous variety of patterns and colour combinations is inherited from Kimono cloth. Two different groups of papers can generally be distinguished: Komon is the appellation for the single-coloured, small and often geometrical patterns (ko = small, mon = pattern, emblem). Yuzen summarizes those patterns being embued with vivid colours and gold or silver pigments. The name is derived from a great fan painter in the Edo period, Miyazaki Yuzen.

Also available in Silver Snow, Rainbow Swirl, Rolling Gold, Green Garden, Black Lava, Grey Flower, Gold Flower, Aqua Sunrise and Golden Fan